Fotina. Facing the global COVID19 pandemic.

Made during UK lockdown at home, this eight-metres long painting was created under the pressure of forced world changes and aim to hold a positive meaning.
Although the world seems uncertain, it a pattern of certain changes inside. Sometimes clear, sometimes invisible, those changes lead to the next stage in the history. This painting is a symbol of overcoming tough obstacles by creativity, and ability to think about world changes. The left part is about three metres long. It symbolically represents the history of global pandemic and analysis based on social, economical and humanitarian monitoring since January 2020. The three metres long right part of the painting dedicated to human reaction to the global event and general overview of evolution of world`s structures. It was made using ActiveBase Art Spectrum approach.
The central part or the painting is about two metres of length. It contains forecast of the world development in nearest future. Silver formation plays double roles. From one hand it is the mirror to an observer`s personal reality. It covers more then open. It hides different versions of future. It asks for an active participation. It is the membrane to be open, a blind eye to be operated, when you get the reflection of what`s going on, including the macro processes and own experience coming together. From the other hand it is the birth gates, the gap between external and internal reality where external is more illusory, because of the media, and the internal is true.
The whole meaning of Fotina aiming to get positive respond to current affairs. People have almost no choice to be born to the future, but they do have a choice how to understand it and to use knowledge forming their own future path.
Made without stretching bars in a tight space at home, Fotina has only 170 cm of length available to work at once. It was born following the vision, and the vision based on the Spectrum perception. Thus Fotina belongs to Violet level of the Spectrum. The first time Anna looked at Fotina in completeness was the day when it was completed and photographed from the roof.

Genuine Profile Projects

Genuine Tree and Rock Profile techniques were invented and placed as one of the levels of the ActiveBase Art Spectrum, highlighting the importance of the environment and its effects on society.
Each Genuine Profile artwork originates from a specific location, which is geographically recorded and certified. This means that the origin of a painting can be visited and compared with the artwork as part of the experience of a site.

These projects allowed the artist to explore her relationship with nature. Genuine Profile painting originated as a way of exploring Corfu, as Anna feels an affinity with the island.
Anna has worked to document the environment of numerous locations and events, including CoCoMAD 2019, Sutton Park and The Green Man at The Custard Factory.


Our projects are designed to allow businesses to increase their publicity, highlight their aims and attract an audience. This is paired with bespoke artwork and designs for sale.
Anna Chudnovskaya has a deep understanding of the gains and challenges of the corporate lifecycle, with 11 years in successful business experience and a history of lecturing in business management. ActiveBase Art are excited to offer projects in collaboration with businesses. Carefully customised to create a bespoke project, we can liaise corporate values with an audience, create publicity and produce events. In addition, a number of ActiveBase artworks will be a solid result of the project.
We also offer ActiveBase Art reproductions for business conferences, creating a spirit of the subject.

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Corporate LifeCycle Project, 2013

One of our most important projects, built in collaboration with Dr I K Adizes (, one of the world’s leading management experts and international bestselling author. His work has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Financial Time and the New York Times.

2013 Management Styles Indicator/Mismanagement Styles is an educational project in collaboration with Dr I K Adizes to highlight his methodology of mismanagement styles.

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