Showcasing the artwork of UK-based artist Anna Chudnovskaya, ActiveBase Art aspires to collaborate with charitable organisations to direct a creative and sustainable social change. Partnering creative process with a background in science and business, we develop inter-disciplinary communication in a changing world.

Artist Biography

Anna Chudnovskaya is a painter with a scientific background. Her interdisciplinary specialisms have led her through studies in Humanitarian and Natural Sciences, achieving a master’s degree in Physics and moving towards Social Sciences with a PhD in Economics.
Anna’s extensive business experience has encouraged the development of ActiveBase Art, in which environmental projects are led by creative strategies and personal development techniques. ActiveBase Art is led by a strong will to collaborate for social good, rising from Anna’s background in management education and personal world view.
Having written and illustrated 26 published books considering self-discipline and creative tutorials, Anna operates in a variety of supportive and instructional disciplines alongside her personal artistic practice.
Anna’s visual artwork synthesises her personal interest in both European and Asian creative practice. This is combined with a vivid and emotional understanding of colour and shape, transpiring from a relationship with music.

Artist Statement

ActiveBase Art engages with social and environmental developments to visually respond to the effects of humanity on the planet.
This is done in multidisciplinary actions. Anna's artwork takes two diverse forms; Elegant ecological paintings are juxtaposed with graphic illustrations.
ActiveBase Art paintings are predominantly organic subjects, displayed with a colour pallet which reflects the aesthetic of the information age. Using translucent layers of acrylic colour upon flexible canvas, Anna has been able to develop a Genuine Profile methodology, in which the work begins by putting the canvas on to a physical subject to capture the naturally occurring shapes. This is further enhanced by a dynamic dance of dark brush strokes, dictated by the artist's relationship with her organic inspiration. The geographical locations of Genuine Profile paintings are sometimes distant and hard to reach, further defining the creative process. The co-ordinates of each location are recorded and certified alongside each painting. Within her work, Anna is particularly passionate about the element of travel and authenticity of recording a location.

Double-Geared Power

Creation is power; Human personality plays the role of the lens which focuses it. ActiveBase Art is designed for the information age. ActiveBase artworks are intended to be not just images but information capsules. Therefore, personal experience is required to translate a theme in this way.
Anna's concept of 'double-geared power' means the power of vision and the trained mind working together. This collaboration leads to increasing results on the ActiveBase Art Spectrum.

Personal Insights

The biography and life of an artist is an important aspect of an artwork's estimate. Personal insights, research, pain and gain all remain the subject of ActiveBase artwork. Anna Chudnovskaya's philosophies are embedded in each piece of art, translating a personal narrative into visual communication.

Anna’s CV is available to download here.

To reflect the complex beauty of the universe, ActiveBase Art encourages activities which tune the mind. Inter-disciplinary research and experience sharpen and direct our ventures.

ActiveBase Art 360-degree Innovation

ActiveBase Art is a culmination of more than 15 years of inter-disciplinary research, experience and practice. The philosophy, aesthetics, techniques, materials, geographical locations, authenticity and generated public relations are all vital in ActiveBase Art practice.


ActiveBase Art Spectrum describes a quantum model, founded in Anna’s academic study of business. The upmost level is a complex perceptual position in which ideas can be generated. To reach this position, personal achievements are required: education, skills, experience and personal development.
Each task begins with a vision; Research and knowledge are combined into a mind map. The collaboration of these factors which lead to a new quantum layer of results.

Protection of Authenticity

ActiveBase Arts are impossible to replicate, due to their unique patterns, produced within the process. The edges of the canvas are visible and burnt with a unique shape. The paint is visible on both sides of a canvas, due to its porous nature. Each stage of the creative process is well documented with high-resolution photographs and videos. Meanwhile, Genuine Profile works include a precise geographical location within their certification.

Public Relations

As an innovative art organisation, ActiveBase Art strive to create strong social media relationships. We intend to participate in a global community of creative sharing.

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